September 23rd 2012 Auction Photos

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Caudills Barn & Contents

Crocks & Oil Lamp

Bitter_Amber Bottles

Fruit Jar Examples

Fruit Jar Examples

Fruit Jar Examples

Barn Contents Examples

Jumbo Peanut Butter jars_Medicine bottles

Example of Barn Contents

Farm Scythes

Old benchs Chair_Doors

Hand plows Stove_Barbed Wire

Wood cabinet_Clamp

Barn Contents Examples

Contents of Barn Examples

Jim Beam Decanters

Signage Grinder & Mags

Magazines & Jars

Magazines Jars_Bottles

Bushel baskets

Barrels Quilts & Misc

Wood Troughs-Crates

Old hand tools & grinder

Pocket Knives

D R Mower-Trimmer

Old windows

Remington Typewriter

Barn Contents Example

Barn Contents Examples

West Pointe Pilsner Glasses

Leather bound ledgers

Contents of Barn Examples

Hobart Coffee Grinder

Coal Hod Ammo Box Glass Shade & Misc

Example of Seed & Grain Bags

Toy Examples

Childs Crescent Stove & misc

50s Stroller & Old Hat Stands

Old Baseball Equipment

Misc Collectibles

Leather Bound Journals

Press-Last & Clamp