July 28th 2013 Auction Photos

1951 Restored Willys Jeep

9mm Luger

9 mm Luger

9 mm Luger

9 mm Luger

9 mm Pieper-Borgmann

Japanese 8 mm

9 mm Luger

Waf Mauser 7.63mm

9 mm Luger

9mm Luger - Erfurt

9 mm Luger - Erfurt

9 mm Luger - Erfurt

9 mm Luger

Vickers 9mm Luger

Mauser Walther P-38 - 9 mm Luger

J Stevens 22 cal pistol

Colt Stagecoach Percussion Pistol

Colt Stagecoach Percussion Pistol

Remington 44 cal Percussion Pistol

Reminton 44 cal Percussion Pistol

Moore 32 cal Pisto

Colt 36 cal Percussion Pistol

Steyr-Hahn 9 mm Pistol

Colt 1877 Lightning 38 cal Pistol

Chicago Firearms Palm Pistol

Remington 22 cal Vest Pocket Pistol

Remington 5 shot Derringer

Remington 32 cal Pistol

Remington 31 cal Pistol

Remington 31 cal Beals Pistol

Remington #128 Type III Derringer

Remington over-under Type II Derringer

Cooper 31 cal Percussion Cap Pistol

James Reid 22 cal Pistol

Moore Brass Derringer

Allen & Thurber Pepperbox Pistol

Sable 22 cal Pistol

Sharps 22 cal Pepperbox

H & R 32 cal Pistol

J M Marlin 32 cal Pocket Pistol

Smith & Wesson 22 cal Revolver

Mirrimac 41 cal Pistol

Bacon 32 cal Pistol

Colt 41 cal Derringer

Unwin & Rogers 25 cal Swiss Knife Pistol

Colt 30 cal Revolver

J M Marlin 22 cal Pistol

Smith & Wesson 22 cal Pistol

Smith 41 cal Revolver

Antique Flintlock Pistol

Percussion cap (4) barrel Pistol

Percussion cap (4) barrel Pistol

Single Shot Pocket Pistol

Navy Arms 36 cal Percusssion Pistol

Lefacheux Windisch A Nimes 12 mm Pin Fire 1873 Pistol

Lefacheux Windisch A Nimes 12 mm Pin Fire 1873 Pistol

(3) Antique Percussion Long Rifles

Antique Percussion Long Rifle-Musket & Ivory Inlaid J Golcher

J Golcher Percussion Long Rifle w octagonal bbl -WRS

Henry Repeating Eagle Scout 22 cal Boy Scout Rifle

Henry Repeating Eagle Scout Boy Scout Rifle

44 cal Model 98 Rifle

Remington 30-06 cal Rifle

H & R 410 gauge Single Bbl Shotgun

Browning 22 cal long - bolt action & weaver scope

Stevens 410 gauge

Winchester Model 12 gauge Shotgun

Winchester M-94 22 cal Eagle Scout Comm Rifle

Winchester M-94 30-30 cal Rifle Level Action

German 44 Luger

Model 1923 7.65mm Luger

Borgmann(Pieper) 9mm Pistol

S & W 38 cal Pistol

H & A 22 cal Pistol

30 cal Revolver

0377 Powder Flasks

0338 Powder Horns

0343 Pilots Helmet

Henkel Harris Breakfront & Wedgewood

Henkel Harris Secretary Desk

1 of 2 Henkel Harris Corner Cabinets

Bonnet of Jacob Fry Tall Clock

Middle & Base of Jacob Fry Tall Clock

Jacob Fry Tall Clock

Henkel Harris Secretary Desk & Fry Clock

Henkel Harris (1 of 2) Bookcases

Henkel Harris Chest

Henkel Harris Server

Wedgewood Queens Ware China

Wedgewood Queens Ware China

Walther 9 mm p-38
Wedgewood Jasperware

Shenango B & O China

Orrefors Crystal Examples

Orrefors Crystal Examples

Meerschaum Pipes

Folk Art Painting

Still Life Ptg

Winter Landscape

Fall Landscape

Summer Landscape

Winter Landscape

WWII Bombers

Fighter Planes

Fighter Planes

Carrier & Plane

Styr M-95 Sniper Rifle-bolt action

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