July 20th 2013 Auction Photos

Faberge Style Rock Crystal Vase w Floral Motif

Hoover Bandana

The Old Flag and Protection Bandana

McKinley-Hobart Bandana

Cleveland-Thurman Bandana

Garfield - Arthur Bandana

Blaine - Logan

Political Buttons

Sewing Example

Quilt Examples

Quilt & purse examples

Wall hangings

Gorman Figurines

Bear Examples

Bear on wheels

Steiff Animals & Bears

Dewey Glass Set

Glass examples

Glass examples

Portrait Plates

Glass & lamp example

Glass & Misc

Crock Examples

Crock Examples

Rookwood examples

Rookwood Ashtray

Toy examples

Victorian Loveseat

Secretary Bookcase


Typesetters Cabinet

Pie Safe Cabinet

Eastlake Chest

Oak Secretary Bookcase

Balloon back chairs

Platform Rocker

1 of 6 Hitchcock

Old Spinning Wheel

Litle Dandy Loom

Wall clock

Wall Clock

Miniature safe

Mounted Bass

Mounted Pike

Classic Car Windshield

3 of 4 Classic Car Steering Wheels

Wood Spoke Auto Wheels

Classic Car Radiator

Classic Car Radiator Frame

Classic Car Fenders

Classic Car Headlights & Misc

Misc. Parts & Horns

Auto Oil Filters

Auto Parts

Product Examples

Older Case Mower

O-c Painting

O-c Painting

O-b Painting

O-c Painting

W D Gaither prints

H C Christy orig poster

Paper Mache Eggs & Misc.

Collectibles-china & glass

Wheaton Decanters

Child Parasol

Porc & China Dolls

Storybook & other Dolls

1 of 2 stain gl windows

2nd stain gl window example

Example of Colored Glass

Example of Collectibles

Violin Bows & case

Son-ny Red Wagon

Philco Radio-record player

Example of license plates

3 of 10 Metal Stands

Cincinnati Milling Machine

Reverse ptd landscape rack